Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life Altering

When is this crap gonna stop? Soon I hope. So far, nothing has been monumentally devastating, but I would like to settle into a lifestyle that has a duration of more than a few months at a time. Illness, job changes, illness, getting a new kid, marriage, losing the kid, and now more job changes(for me this time). Last night my Board of Commissioners decided to contract out dispatch to the County.
At 9:30(ish) last night, the motion was on the floor, the votes were being cast and my future was decided by 5 individual business people, elected to a volunteer position. Shortly, the details will be finalized and I will no longer be a 911 communications officer. I have been working 911 in this county for more than 18 years. I kinda feel odd when I think, I will, probably, never be the "calm during the storm" again.
Whereas, I am absolutely, completely and quite radically DONE with shift work, holidays, and mandatory overtime, I still find myself mourning the loss of a job that I can, not only, do in my sleep, but still find intriguing. A job that has evolved and morphed thru the years as technology has interposed itself on us. A job that has taught me infinite patience, an job that allows me the freedom to read, surf the Internet or even knit (if only I knew how), in my down time.
We (the 7 dispatchers left) were assured positions within the organization, and several divisions have reached out to me already. I'm intensely grateful to still be employed and able to continue being the purveyor of health insurance for my family. I look forward to the challenge of a new role in our newly independent district and finding a way to aid in the provision of public safety.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ahhhh, Good Riddance 2008

2008 stunk! I've been struggling for the last few days to come up with something positive to say about 2008, and I've finally decided the most positive thing about 2008's over and done. '08 turned out to be "the year of things that should have been fabulous but turned out sucky". I'm wiping my hands of it, patting off my clothes and shaking out my hair.

I started writing about all those things, things that should have been good but actually fell short of our/my expectations, and I decided to let it all go. I deleted 2 whole paragraphs and it was actually therapeutic! I've been mulling them over in my head lately and hadn't realized that they were starting to "re- drag" me down.

2009! Full of promise, full of new milestones to reach, new opportunities both offered to and made for myself, new friends to make, loved ones to re-connect with, relationships to be strengthened. This years resolution is an easy one...never make another resolution! I am who I am, and as I get to know myself, I'm learning that I'm an overwhelming Lazy-ass. I'm okay with The Lazy-ass Syndrome regarding most facets of my life (If I leave the laundry long enough, maybe The Husband will get manic...huh? huh? it could happen again) 2009 is gonna be the start of taking care of me, I dont want to be lazy about my health any more, I want to feel good and I want to look hot! This really isn't a resolution, it just happened to come up at this time of year. Let me explain...

We've had a family membership at the YMCA for years, I've used it sporadically. I dont have the self motivation to just go and do the exercises on my own (Lazy-ass?). I like to take classes, but my Y only had 1 aerobics room and never had classes after 6pm, they used the room for youth activities in the evening. I could never get into a routine because with my work schedule, I could only go every other week as I work 7am to 7 pm six days out of seven one week and have six out of seven off the next( dont ask me to do anything on my one day off that week...I'm a Lazy-ass looking for excuses...remember?).
Now my Y has expanded (grand opening last week just in time for the new year, hmmm, go figure), we now have 2 activitiy rooms plus a spinning classroom, I asked for a schedule of classes and was delighted (kinda) to see they have added a 7:45pm "30 min stretch and tone" class and 7:15 spinning classes. My Lame-ass/Lazy-ass excuses have been destroyed...This year I wanna buy both top and bottom of a bikini, not just the top and a cute pair of board shorts. I knew about the Y expansion and was looking forward to taking charge of The Lazy in me, but I thought I had 'til March before it opened...