Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Bit of Time Off

I have 3 weeks between the summer semester and the fall semester, I thought I'd fill you in on happenings around here.
Union contract passed, saving my job for another year. Whew, glad that's over, that was a stressful time!
Cars are breaking all over the place here! Thank goodness JJ is a former grease monkey and can fix them in the driveway. 3 out of 5 cars have had issues this week.
I finished my summer class with a 98 for my final project, and an A overall, preserving my 15 year old, 4.0 GPA. WOO-HOO! I know GPA won't matter in the real world, but it matters to me...
Dork that I am, I ordered my A&P text book and coloring workbook from Amazon today, and picked 2 day shipping, I can't wait to tear into it... 4.0 WILL remain intact.....