Thursday, September 26, 2013

If you've been here before...

I was wandering through my old posts....woah. I forgot some of the places I've been in the last couple of years, it makes more sense now why I've got PTSD. I've been jerked from job to job for some time now. So to catch you up...bullets!

* still in the office! been back inside just over 2 years.
* we doubled the size of the billing office since we took over billing for the entire county. we've got some growing pains, but nothing monumental.
* in those 2 years I have gone to medic school, huge big deal! Over 600 hours of clinical time and something like 400 hours classroom time. I gained 20 pounds, some great new friends, some insane skills and most importantly, confidence in myself.
* I just recently got a second job at the hospital,but haven't started that yet. I can't wait!
* our consolidation with the county that started with my first job change, is finally coming to an end, the transition period ends Tuesday. 
*life at home is great! JJ is my rock, he keeps me sane.
* all four kids are in college this semester and although I have been continuing to get my nursing pre-reqs done, we decided that we can't afford for me to go to school until either the kids are done or I can get an employer to help me out. 
That's about it, if I think of anything else...I'll let ya know

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ho-hum Day

Normal day, nothing exciting. I worked 10 hours, 2 hours OT, yeah. Getting caught up. It's still drudgery followed by another day of drudgery. I often feel like I hate my life. Not feeling very positive, I need to rethink that.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Most of this blog contains posts about where I've been, why I've not posted...hello again type stuff. I now believe that anybody looking, has ,long ago ,wandered off?