Monday, October 22, 2007


well, today sucks...big time. I had a cocktail (or 3 ) lasty night and JJ was working on the laptop in the bedroom. so i curled up on the couch and figured he would wake me to go to bed when he was done...nope. i woke up at 0330 and I thought I had just dozed for a couple of minutes, so i proceeded to brush and wash and generally wake myself up before I went to bed. it was only after that, that I noticed the time!!! So I crawled into bed and set the alarm for the usual 0530 and at 0500 Jj starts SNORING!!! really loudly, the lying on the back, throaty kind of snoring. I must have elbowed him for 5 min before her rolled over...lucky him I was starting to consider shart kitchen utensils as a means of waking him up!

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