Saturday, November 8, 2008

I desperately need to jump on this bandwagon. I hope it hasn't left without me!
I spent all week looking for the download cord for my camera 'cause the card reader on my el-cheapo laptop decided, suddenly, that it wouldn't read my card without formatting it first...uh, I think that would defeat the purpose of putting the card in there in the first place. I gave myself one last chance to get in on the contest, thinking for sure, it still wouldn't work (yea! I can put off the inevitable a little longer) ...sigh... alas, no. The card reader happily read my card, even finding pictures on it that I thought I had marked "delete after downloading". I believe the technological fates are conspiring against me...
Now, with excuses beaten down and a generous competition afoot, may I present my shame...
The picture at the top is the "public" view of my kitchen. This picture is the shame that hides behind the cluttered counter top...merely the tip of the iceberg...this is the stuff that has over flowed from the garage.
More to come pantry, linen closet, and kitchen cupboards are next. I'm officially reclaiming my kitchen

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Di said...

Kayakboy tackled the shed before I could get out there and take before pictures, but I am considering adding our bedroom to the "Getting my Shit Together Challenge"

Lord to we need it!

C's room is neat, but still has some unpacked boxes. Outgrown clothes and toys awaiting the toybox my FIL is allegedly making her FOR HER FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Ahem. I am going to go to Target and get some large fabric bins for the toys at any rate.