Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Teenage Girls

I've got two teenage girls, fourteen months apart in age, but light years apart in every aspect of themselves.

One brunette/olive skinned, One blond /golden skinned.

One slim build, One curvy.

One athletic, One studious.

One adventurous, One cautious.

One hip-hop, One alternative.

One argumentative and bull headed, One over-agreeable and eager to please.

One who lives in the minute, One who lives for the future.

One who makes life spicy, One who makes life sweet.

One boy-crazy, One not.

One procrastinator, One planner.

Both are extremely creative girls who have learned to decorate their lives to perfectly suit themselves. Both have archaeological digs scheduled for their closet floors. Both are part of close knit groups of 3 best-friends, with countless acquaintances. Both have amazing faults and blessings that make them the spectacular young women that they are. These traits will serve them well in adulthood as they learn to be themselves. They compliment each other perfectly and may learn from each other, but for now, neither understands or "gets" the other, but still, sisters they are.

As they grow up, (as an "only girl", growing up, my sisters in law have assured me) they will learn to like each other, to learn to live with their differences and appreciate each other. Looking at my sisters in law's personalities, and their relationships with each other ( BTW, there are 4 of them) I have always thought it might actually be possible, but my heart, feared it would never happen (how can two girls who fight so much and are sooooo different actually get along?). They won't suddenly wake up one morning and be best friends, it'll happen gradually over time as maturity and acceptance sets in. I don't have a specific example of this happening, but lately, their manner with each other seems to be easier, I've seen more smiles between them than I have negotiated arguments, I have heard them consult each other on Homecoming dresses and it really possible that a huge source of grief in my life is ending? I know it's not totally gone, but the beginning is here!

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Fine For Now said...

This is describing my sister and I perfectly, but we are 13 months apart!

Your SIL(s) are right. We started becoming friends her senior year in HS and then much better there after.

Now we talk every day or every few days, were in each other's wedding as the maid of honor, and visit each other often (she lives in AL).

Good post though, very insightful :o)