Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Food for Thought

My youngest son has a very peculiar appetite. Right now he is obsessed with dinner rolls, slightly greasy, store brand, dinner rolls. cold. straight from the package. He is a carb junkie to the extreme... the last obsession was baguette, thin sliced by the bakery magic slicer thingy. Before that it was deli Italian sandwich bread. Of course, always in the house, regardless of the "snack bread of the moment" is the wondrous loaf of "bunny" brand "giant loaf" sandwich bread. I tried the whole wheat and white wheat varieties over the years in an effort to make his carb addiction healthy, but the refined flour varieties are what he desires. If given a choice between candy and bread, he will invariably choose the bread!

His food choices have always been unique, we have always had a "treat" basket and when the kids were little, depending on how much "good" food they ate that day, they could have "X" number of "treats" from the basket. More often than not my youngest asked..."I don't want candy, can I have"X" slices of bologna?" Oh and at 5'6" and 110 lbs, and a very athletic young man, he dosen't have to worry his waistline yet!

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